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Ibis Ripley gets stellar review on

Okay, so we all know how sweet the Ibis Ripley is supposed to be based on the yammering that goes on at the shop.  But let say you don’t trust those shifty guys down at Wheel Power enough to deliver the real goods on this machine.  And despite you laying your best waterproof riding gear out the night before, you just couldn’t bring yourself to show up for the 2nd extremely rainy Ibis Demo that the good chaps at WP have hosted.

Good News!

You have options.  You can head on down to WP where you will have the opportunity to throw a leg over a demo Ripley first hand. Or you can read this amazing review provided by the fine impartial folks at MTBR.  As a matter of fact, even if you are planning on demoing ours you should still read it.

A few choice quotes if you still aren’t convinced:

“…perhaps the most versatile bike in the entire test. No matter what your riding style, you can have a lot of fun on this bike.”

“…the design — and the bike — worked supremely well.”


“Even though there’s only 120mm of travel out back, you’d never know. It feels like at least a 130mm travel bike. It took log drops with ease and was incredibly composed and stable at high speeds, even over brake bumps and big holes.”

We couldn’t put it any better ourselves!